Instagram update: Change to your Instagram feed

instagram logo change

Instagram algorithm change

You may have noticed Instagram has recently released its new logo, as seen above. However, this is not the only major change that Instagram has made lately!

On March 15th 2016, Instagram announced that it would change the way user feed displays. Instead of displaying posts chronologically they would instead be delivered in accordance with a special algorithm. Instagram suggested that the change would benefit users by showing them the most ‘important’ posts, posts that they may have otherwise missed. Instagram claims that users miss around 70 percent of images in their feeds! This change represents a way for Instagram to ensure that you see the images you are most likely to appreciate. All positive right? Wrong.

What does Instagram’s algorithm change mean for me?

Displaying pictures algorithmically has a dramatic impact on your level of engagement with your followers and other users. Under the old model, for example, you know that any image you post would appear in the feed of every one of your followers, using Instagram at the time. Under the new model, that is no longer the case. Your posts may not appear at all for some, or even most of, you followers! So, why would Instagram do this? We think that Instagram may eventually charge you for the right to ‘boost’ posts. Essentially, turning Instagram into Facebook which is well known for its heavy handed advertising.

Unfortunately, Instagram released the algorithm change to all users in June 2016.

So, what can you do to continue building your following and engagement?

Apart from using our services which circumvent the algorithm change; take a look at your recent posts and see which have seen the highest engagement. You want to identify the characteristics of these successful posts as they are well reflected by Instagram’s algorithm change.

How can Harvey Insights help?

At Harvey Insights we work with you to engage with your followers and other users. We are able to reach out and interact with other users on a 24/7 basis. This way, even if your followers don’t see your post in their normal use of Instagram we are still able to nudge them by liking one of their photos which will draw them to you.

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