FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Harvey Insights do?

We work with our clients to organically grow their Instagram account.
Our clever tools allow us to automate activity stemming from your account. This means you can engage with potential followers/customers 24/7. We work with you to confirm a targeted marketing plan and then you can sit back and relax.

Who are Harvey Insights’ clients?

Instagram allows you to share your life with people all around the world using visuals. With our help you can interact with potential followers all day, every day. You can engage with Instagram users while you are asleep or at work. Constant engagement results in constant likes, comments, and followers.

If you’re using Instagram regularly to reach out to your fans or customers, then you will know how time consuming it can be. Harvey Insights will work on your behalf to both save your time and maximise your engagement. Our system works efficiently and behind the scenes so you can concentrate on your core business.

Will the followers I gain be real?

Our goal is to help you gain a genuine following that will not only follow your account but engage with your posts. We try to target real users who then have the choice of whether to follow you or not. We do not support ‘buying’ fake followers. We believe in quality over quantity.

Is Harvey Insights safe to use?

Yes. In the time that we have been running we have never had an issue with a client being blocked or banned. We appreciate that Instagram does have certain like/comment/follow limits and we always stay well within those.

Do you need my Instagram password?

Yes. We need your username and password to be able to work with you. Please note that we do not actually access the Instagram app itself. We simply connect our system to Instagram’s servers through their API. We’ll never post, follow, or comment from your account – we only make use of the liking feature.

Nor will your details ever be passed on to a third party. Your account information is held in an encrypted file on our server. When you give us your password, we understand the trust you put in our service.

Can I continue to use Instagram as normal while working with Harvey Insights?

Yes. We work away diligently in the background of your Instagram account. The only activity you will notice is if you go into settings (the little cog) and then ‘Posts you’ve Liked’.

Is Harvey Insights affiliated with Instagram?

It’s very important for us to be clear to our users — Harvey Insights is not affiliated with Instagram or its parent company; Facebook.

What if I want to stop using Harvey Insights?

If you want to stop at any time simply change your password and let us know. As soon as you change your password you block our access. This is a safeguard to protect you and your Instagram account. All the data we have collected while working with you will be deleted from our system within 3 days or you letting us know.